Nathan Gathright is a designer, front-end developer, and event organizer in the Dallas design community.

Fantasy ADDYs
AAF Dallas reached out to Moroch to theme the 54th Annual AAF Dallas American Advertising Awards.

Moroch delivered a solution designed to increase participation and entries. Everyone who submitted work to the ADDYs was entered into the Fantasy Advertising draft, and competing agencies drafted entrants to their roster. When drafted players won ADDYs, rival agencies still had a reason to celebrate. The Draft Board was a filterable, responsive table of all participants credited in each AAF Dallas ADDYs submission. On a couple pages, you can find some fun animating SVG sparkles on the trophies.

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McDonald's Social
Moroch needed a site to show off the McDonald's social media team’s best work of the year.

At Moroch, we make a lot of content for McDonald's social media. I was tasked with building a site that showed off our best social work of the year for awards season. The site became an honoree at the 2016 Webby Awards for Best Overall Social Presence.

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Make Your Own Luck
Promoting the NSSC provided a great opportunity to "Make Your Own Luck."

Every year the National Student Show & Conference rebrands with a new theme. This year's theme was all about the blood, sweat, and tears that go into producing stellar work. The promotion poster this year was an image of a three-leaf clover with fourth clover made taped onto it earing the headline, "Make Your Own Luck." I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make my first #interactivegrams

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Women of Words Website
Women of Words needed a site that integrated with EventBrite.

Women of Words is a community of content creators that provides an opportunity for women to collaborate as writers, editors, strategists, and idea architects. They needed an easy-to-manage site that integrated with their EventBrite events.

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Pricing Bag Illustrations
A series of different bags for a membership pricing page.

The DSVC offer access to their events based on experience: professionals pay full price, jr. professionals pay half price, students pay one-third price, and anyone can skip membership dues and pay per event.

As part of a redesign of the membership signup page, I designed a series of illustration for each tier: professional briefcases, messenger bags for young professionals, student backpacks, and free tote bags.

A logo concept for a music rediscovery service.

PressRewind is a service in the works that will allow music lovers to resurface old gems from their listening history on music services like Spotify. A clever mark was needed to convey the idea simply.

Make-A-Wish Wish Night
Make-A-Wish North Texas needed a new site for their flagship charity event.

Wish Night is a charity event put on by Make-A-Wish North Texas that has granted more than 8,500 wishes for North Texas children. Their site needed a refresh to bring clarity to the most important call to actions.

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A logo concept for an interdisciplinary design shop to showcase their versatility.

Polychromica started as a naming and branding exercise meant to unify a collective of multidisciplinary designers. Broken down syllabically, Polychromica means "a collection of many colors." The final mark became a stylized chameleon. To prevent the sclera (white part of the eye) from being inverted on light backgrounds, an alternate version of the mark was created.

Women of Words Branding
A logo for a creative community meetup.

Women of Words is a community of content creators that provides an opportunity for women to collaborate as writers, editors, strategists, and idea architects. They needed branding for their online presence.

Cajetan Icon Set
An icon set for résumés

For one version of my résumé, I designed a set of icons. I ended up not using them, but I expanded the set for general use, and they'll soon be available to download on The Noun Project, along with other icons I’ve designed.

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Filtered Jobs Branding
A logo concept for a job board.

Filtered Jobs was an endeavor to build a custom job board for developers. The challenge was to represent job listings in a simplified way. The gooey dots created a nice aesthetic to work with.

The DSVC asked me to design a poster for an event featuring Magda Sayeg.

Sayeg is famous for her yarn bombing, knitted or crocheted removable urban graffiti, so I decided to take the term literally.